You are poisoning your body with over consumption of ultra-processed food. The natural food matrix is destroyed and the result is a soft but tasty concoction that slides down your throat, spikes blood sugar and insulin and leaves you hungry for more. The result is an epidemic of obesity.

Isometric Exercises, not to be confused with bodyweight exercises, are an excellent way to build strength and tone your muscles. Here are 5 of the best for you to try, using minimal or no equipment.

Medical science is only now coming to recognize how important our microbiome is. This article offers a brief explanation of what your microbiome is and looks at 10 foods that make a positive contribution to gut health.

Margarine was originally called “coal butter” because it was made by adding chemicals to an unwanted by-product of turning low-grade coal into liquid fuel for the Nazi party. It was the first totally artificial food. Modern advertising promotes it as something quite different.

The rise in not just unhealthy weight, but morbid obesity in Western countries, correlates precisely with the proliferation of processed foods over the past 50 years. You can slow and even reverse the process by replacing processed food with real food. As well as making a positive contribution to your health and longevity, it tastes better too!

Processed food isn’t “real food” and contains many additives and preservatives that are really bad for your health. Your diet should consist mainly of natural foods with as little in the way of processing as possible.