Phil Lancaster

Turning 80 in 2024, I weigh the same as I did when I was 18 and remain seriously fit and healthy.

I'm on a mission to help everyone to become happy, fit and slim.

In the long-term, the only way to prevent the dreaded yo-yo effect and not only lose weight but keep it off for the rest of your life is to embrace a lifestyle change that welcomes healthy eating and moderate exercise.

But that can be dishearteningly slow for most people.

It’s very easy to fall away from that journey before it’s had time for any real effect and also well before it’s had any chance to become a lifestyle habit.

That’s why I recommend a 2-prong approach.

Studies show that most overweight people have a compromised liver function. So the first prong is a supplement designed to help you lose weight immediately by fixing that.

And the second prong is the Happy, Fit and Slim training course designed to change your lifestyle so that the weight stays off permanently.

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Emma Morgan

Emma Morgan is a friend and protégé of Phil.

She’s a 44 year old single mother of two lovely kids and wakes up every morning looking forward to the day ahead. She feels relaxed, stress free and healthy. Her friends tell her that she has an inner glow. But it wasn't always like that.

After a bitter divorce that left her drained, almost broke and with two kids to support, she was eating too much junk food and suffered too much stress, too much yelling, too much over-reaction. And way too much over-weight.

Learning how to become happy, fit and slim rescued her and she's now on a mission to help others achieve their ideal weight and create a happy, sustainable lifestyle.